“With over seven (7) decades of commercial real estate investment tradition, we understand that investing in commercial real estate demands an attention to detail, and a thorough financial analysis and property due diligence,” said Michael Rauch, a Senior Managing Partner with CRE Florida Partners. “Understanding the complexities of loan underwriting is a hallmark of our […]

Brokerage Services We take the time to get to know our brokerage clients. Brokerage is a significant component of our service offerings. When it’s time to sell, lease or refinance, your goals are our goals. Our local level professionals have the authority, experience and market intelligence to make decisions in the best interests of our […]

CRE Florida Partners is a Florida based full service commercial real estate firm with a rich heritage, uncompromised integrity, and business longevity dating back to 1967. Our people are the best in the business and the secret to our success. We locate our offices within the MSA’s we serve and are never far from the clients we […]