“CRE’s innovative edge and cross–industry knowledge can help you maximize the performance of your commercial real estate assets.”

“With over seven (7) decades of commercial real estate investment tradition, we understand that investing in commercial real estate demands an attention to detail, and a thorough financial analysis and property due diligence,” said Michael Rauch, a Senior Managing Partner with CRE Florida Partners.

“Understanding the complexities of loan underwriting is a hallmark of our abilities. In addition to treating your investment like “our” investment, we complete the investment life cycle by providing full service property and asset management services”, he went on to say.”

This includes the use of the property accounting platform MRI, and a 24-7 hands on approach to physical plant management. Results are dependent upon certain risks and uncertainties, including those related to the availability of desirable debt, investment opportunities, the amount of available capital, the ability to obtain and maintain targeted levels of leverage, the level and volatility of interest rates and credit spreads, and conditions in the property and financial markets.

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