Broward Marina Owner Seeks Partner For Redevelopment Project

The owner of the Aquamarina Hidden Harbour and surrounding land in Pompano Beach is seeking a development partner should it receive approval for the property’s mixed-use redevelopment plan.

Aventura-based Aqua Marine Partners has a pending comprehensive plan amendment for its nine-acre site on the east side of Federal Highway from Northeast 15th Street to Northeast 16th Street.

Attorney Graham Penn, who represents the owner, said the plan would allow up to 343 residential units and at least 10,000 square feet of commercial/retail space. At least 10 percent of the site must be a use other than residential, he added. The exact size and design of the project would be determined later during the site plan process, likely with an experienced developer as a partner, Penn said.

Andrew Sturner, CEO of Aqua Marine Partners, said he has committed to keeping the main boat storage and working marina on about 2.5 acres and the balance of the site would be redeveloped. He would move some of the marine repair operations into the existing dry stack building. Sturner hopes to reserve space in the new retail for his existing marine-related retail tenants.

“The goal is to keep 100 percent of the marine use,” Sturner said. “The one thing we are focused on is continuing to maintain the marine use and continue to own and operate the marina.”

Sturner’s group bought the marina at 2315 N.E. 15th Street from Huizenga Holdings in 2008. His company owns five marinas. Since Aqua Marine Partners is not a residential developer, Sturner hopes to find a partner with experience in that field.

“We are looking for something that compliments the marina lifestyle and the recreational boating lifestyle,” Sturner said.

Pompano Beach officials have been encouraging more mixed-use development in the city. In 2013, the city issued a transportation corridor study that advocated for residential projects with ground-floor retail along main roadways such as Federal Highway, Dixie Highway and Atlantic Boulevard. The city recently submitted a plan to the county to rezone much of Atlantic Boulevard, and part of Federal Highway, to encourage pedestrian-friendly mixed-use.

While that plan doesn’t include the Aquamarina Hidden Harbour site, Penn said he feels the development will match what the city is looking for.

Much of the space along Federal Highway in front of the Aquamarina Hidden Harbour is currently vacant. Penn said the development plan would require at least one public access point of viewpoint to the water from the surrounding streets.

“The comprehensive plan amendment for Aquamarina Hidden Harbour passed the city commission on first reading.” Penn said. “It will likely head to the county commission in May or June, and then require another city commission vote. We are trying to set the table for someone to come in and get the flexibility to design something that is really great.”

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Source: SFBJ

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