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Why Some Industries Are Moving First On Reshoring Back To U.S.

Technology companies have been leaders in the push to reshore manufacturing. Examples are multi-billion-dollar chip plants, thanks to the $52 billion CHIPS and Science Act that was part of the Inflation Reduction Act. But the shift isn’t only the province of giant companies. Many small- to mid-sized companies are also reshoring or expanding domestic manufacturing.

Industrial Outdoor Storage Is The New Hot Commercial Real Estate Type

During the past three years, Industrial Outdoor Storage has been growing dramatically and increasingly attracting the attention of—and significant outlays from—institutional investors and private equity firms. This hot commercial property type is mainly used for truck terminals, trailer storage, container storage, pallet storage and construction or heavy equipment yards.

Insurers Increase Scrutiny Of Older Commercial Building Roofs

Commercial buildings with older roofs that haven’t been updated and those located in regions exposed to windstorms, severe convective storms and wildfires are seeing insurance coverage for roof damage limited by policy provisions. Properties located in the South Florida are seeing the most restrictive roof coverage in policies.